1. What do you mean by the good energy revolution?
We have had enough of tea loaded with cane sugar and energy sources that send you into a crash. We wanted to create a sustainable energy source that fueled your mind as much as your body. That was tea. But, there was a second step. We needed to blend this energizing plant only with the freshest ingredients. So we developed bold, energizing blends that are the union of tea and juice. In every sip you get 1. energy power from tea. No Crash. 2. Mind-fuel from L-theanine 3. Over 1lb of fruits & veggies 4. No cane sugar
2. What kind of teas do you use?
We use true tea from the Camellia sinensis (the true tea plant). These teas are commonly known as white, green and black teas. True tea is one of the only sources of the amino acid L-theanine which does two things 1. It combines with the natural caffeine in loose leaf tea to create a calm, steady energy that is released throughout the day with no crashes and no jitters- unlike coffee and energy drinks. 2. And it is renowned for its ability to promote mental alertness and concentration. We believe this is a better buzz to fuel your fearless approach to life.
3. How much caffeine is in each tea?
Tea provides balanced energy with no jitters and no crash. Every bottle of teaRIOT has the equivalent to one shot of espresso in natural caffeine from fresh brewed tea – this ranges from 50mg to 75mg. Unlike other bottled teas our tea is not heat pasteurized, it is protected through a cold pressure process that means you really are getting the energy and benefits of fresh brewed tea.
4. What is providing the energy?
The energy in teaRIOT comes from the naturally occurring caffeine that is in fresh brewed loose leaf tea.
5. What is mind-fuel?
Mind-fuel means our product has ingredients that support mental focus. True teas are one of very few sources that naturally contain an amino acid called, L-theanine which is renowned for its ability to promote mental alertness and concentration.
6. Are you nonGMO and certified organic?
Our beverages are certified organic and Non-GMO. Our USDA organic seal on the packaging certifies both.
7. Are you a tea or a juice?
We are the union of tea and juice. You get the best of both worlds. All the natural energy and antioxidant power of tea and the nutritional density of cold pressed juice.
8. Is there sugar added to the teas?
We have no added sugar options including – Cider Kick, Hibiscus Glow and Matcha Rise. They are sweetened by the cold pressed juices.
9. Is teaRIOT Kombucha?
teaRIOT is not kombucha and as a result is not fermented. teaRIOT is a union of fresh brewed tea and cold pressed juice that provided natural energy and nutrients in one bottle. Kombucha is derived from a culture made up of bacteria, tea and sugar that is high in probiotics and known to be good for digestion and a healthy gut.
10. Why do your teas separate?
We only use fresh ingredients and they separate naturally. We never use artificial additives to prevent this from occurring. So unlike other teas, don’t forget to shake and enjoy.
11. What is the shelf life?
In total our products have a shelf life of 90 days. We try to get the product to stores in the first 30 days. Just look on the top of the bottle and each is marked with an expiration date. After you open the bottle, the product is good for 3 days when kept refrigerated.
12. What does cold pressured protected mean?
We do not heat pasteurize. Instead, we use cold pressure technology also known as HPP to preserve and eliminate the possibility for bacteria by using extremely high pressure. The process while protecting, also maintains a higher yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes making it more nutrient rich, and preserves a fresher taste.
13. Where is the business located? Are you local?
We are owned and operated out of Venice, CA.
14. Where are your teas sourced from?
We source our teas from an established Los Angeles importer who has long-standing and personal relationships with its tea sources all over the world. These relationships have lasted many years due to a share understanding of quality
15. Are you gluten free?
We are not certified Gluten Free, but the ingredients we use are gluten free.
16. Why do you use plastic bottles?

We are committed to delivering you the freshest most nutrient rich product possible. We do this by using Cold Pressure Technology. If we used glass, it would shatter under the pressure.

Plastic uses considerably less energy than glass to be recycled.

It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle

All teaRIOT bottles are 100% BPA free

17. What sustainability measures to you take?

We eliminate food waste from production by transferring scraps to local California farms to be used as compost and left over produce is sent to local food banks by our suppliers.

We maintain a low carbon footprint by sourcing locally whenever possible

We are organic, so our partner farms are pesticide and herbicide-free

We and our partners use ugly fruit whenever possible. Ugly fruit has the same nutrients, same taste, but lacks the produce section appearance

We are a fresh product with small production runs reducing our storage needs

Our plastic bottles are recyclable and we use a thicker grade to achieve a long shelf life to avoid waste at a store level